We are identified as one of the most prominent cattle feed supplements & poultry feed suppliers in the country. Our feed is available under the brand name Sai Biotech pashuahar santulit, Sai Biotech pashu aahar super, Sai Biotech pashu aahar special, Sai Biotech pushtahar, Sai Biotech liquid calcium. Our dairy product sector aims to offer products that meet consumer expectations in terms of quality, convenience, environmental compliance and wholesome goodness.

Our comprehensive range of cattle feed supplements is prepared with perfect combination of essential nutrients. These nutrients help in growth of muscles of domestic animals. Besides, our healthy supplement increases the milk productivity in cows, buffaloes, goats, etc. Our cattle feed supplements are extremely nutritious that enhance the health of livestock. Above all, we render our supplements at extremely low price.

  • Sai Biotech Liquid Calcium
  • Sai Biotech Milk Booster
  • Sai Biotech Cattle Feed
  • Sai Biotech Poultry Feed
  • Sai Biotech Fish Feed

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